Friday, October 13, 2006

Saturday Market in Portland

One of my favorite things that I did when I was in Portland was to visit the Saturday Market. There were a lot of amazing artists and I saw some fantastic pieces. This was one I loved. I stopped when we were almost ready to head out and I saw his booth. It's odd because these aren't pieces that I would normally be drawn towards but there is something wonderful about his work. It's whimsical and sweet but not in a way that I can clearly articulate. The artist, Theo Ellsworth, can be found at Art Capacity . I met him at the market and he, like his art, was charming and lovely.

I found some great earrings and gorgeous photos that I'll have to add later... can only spotlight one artist at a time!

Speaking artist's spotlights... it's time to visit my ETSY shop again. I've added some great new pieces and the holidays are coming up fast. :)

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