Saturday, June 03, 2006

Nope, not dead just busy

Sorry for those of you who check this to make sure I'm not dead (Hi Gwen!), I've just been really, really busy with 12 hour days and 2-3 hour commutes. My husband lets me know that sleep is much more important than heading for the studio... I don't know if I believe him but this week has pushed me closer to his side!

I've been working on jewelry today that I've had started for weeks. This pin was something I made for fun during my tile frenzy and I just added the image to it today. The how-to is very straight forward. I made the frame just like the tiles. I added paint and pearlex prior to baking then added some metallic rubbing to make it look older then glazed it. I did laminate the image before gluing it down and added a pin back with diamond glaze. I think it could've benefited from a charm or two but I was playing with the clay and didn't necessarily know what I had planned in advanced. Anyway, viola... two weeks later, I have a pin! :)

I'll try to do better with postings and keeping up on the art and postings coming up.

p.s. lots of family visits coming up followed by a weekend vacation at the end of the month in Vegas! I'm excited to relax with the husband, veg out by the pool and buy art supplies. Believe it or not, they've got a great stamp store there called Stamp Oasis... at least I hope it's still there. Gotta go check!

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