Monday, June 12, 2006

More goodies from the mail fairy

My family has headed out and I have time to catch up on a few things before the next round hits. Adding to my inspiration was a pack of goodies from the mail fairy. I had participated in the Black German Scrap on ArtChix a while back and I received my ATC's today and they are gorgeous! There are lots of amazing people out there. I'm posting the pics.

Even though the family was here, I still got to play with beads and wire. My sister-in-law has a had time finding jewelry she likes so she picked out some things and I made her a few pieces over the weekend. She's even convinced me to make myself an ankle bracelet to try something new. I usually have problems with those since I sit with my foot tucked under (I alternate so picking one foot isn't an option:).

On a different kind of art note, I'm a little bit of a geek... according to my Sweetie, and I love Firefly and Serenity and June 23rd is Joss Whedon's b-day so we're going to a late showing of Serenity at our local Studio Movie Grill... admittedly, I hadn't realized it was a midnight movie so we'll have to take what my friend Yuri calls a "disco nap" in preparation for my late night adventure into serious geekiness. Anyway, if you too find part of yourself wanting to celebrate your inner geek you can find out about events in your are by going here.

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