Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The Hated Tile Charm

I love this charm.

I made it from polymer clay, and it's kind of irrational how much I like it. But, as much as I like it however, my husband hates it. He hates it with a passion. I've made 2 necklaces with beads and wire just to show off the charm but each time he's convinced me I'm wasting beads. Finally I settled on the $2 velvet ribbon necklace. He can't really complain too much about that... there is still grumbling.

I just like the golden colors and there's a little pink on the crown and it's a London Tube Post stamp (made into a rubber stamp) and the London Tube is one of my favorite things and places on the planet. I recognize the oddity of this but it can't be helped. I adore the London trains. The London Tube System (subway) is amazing in that it was built before everything was all sleek and modern and lifeless. It's built way underground so that in some stations there are trains running on top of trains so you can hear them while you wait for yours and there's a loud mechanical roar as it tears into the station.

Each stop has it's own unique personality and the trains get you where you need to go efficiently but with lots of style... what's not to like. That's why I love this charm because while it's a little worse for wear, it's got some style and reminds me London.

I've attached a picture of the tile at the Baker Street tube stop, in addition to the dreaded tile charm.

Happy Tuesday guys!

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