Sunday, June 04, 2006

More necklaces finished

I've had the odds and ends for a while and just finally made them into jewelry. I made the tin lion charm a couple of weeks ago when I made a friend's b-day gifts. I made the bottle cap a couple of months ago just because I thought the label was pretty and I'm going through a pink period.... shocking, I know! :)

The lion piece is made from black carved laboradite and red pottery beads using 20 gauge wire. The bottle cap piece includes vintage hand painted beads from Japan, I got them at the flea market a few months ago, and pacific opal swarovaski (way off on spelling but you get the idea) crystals. I connected them using 22 gauge half round wire that I had never used before and I really liked it. I think the links lay much better with a flat side and found the piece went a lot faster than I had anticipated so the weekend has been pretty productive. I'm hoping to do more tonight and break in my new soldering iron.

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