Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Snow, snow, snow

Well, that's how I feel when I look at this lovely snowflake my friend Mark's wife, Robyn, made for me. It's hanging off a piece I made a while back and I think it's perfect there. I can easily see it from my desk, and since I think it should be snowing 300 days of the year, it's a wonderful reminder of winter time - plus, it's pink! Thanks guys, I really love it!

I'm getting ready to start my book for a RR I'm participating in with my North Texas group. I've got my theme and have jotted down several ideas for pages I want to incorporate into the book. Hopefully now that I can get to my desk again, I'll be able to start on it this week and make great progress before the 12th get together where we hand them off.

The other exciting news is that I bought my plane ticket for The Art Nest retreat so I must really be going! I've been gathering up art supplies here and there when I'm out so I won't have to do a mad dash to the art store, or Dick Blick, right before I leave. No last minute shopping here, well, so far.

I know it's only 8:20 but we haven't adjusted to our non-vacation schedule so I think I'm going to read a little before my especially early bedtime. 5 am seems to come even earlier than it did before the vacation!

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Cindy Dean said...

Bummer for me Amy...I could have gotten to meet you. I was going to go to Art Nest but had to cancel out. You will have the most fabulous time there!