Thursday, January 17, 2008

Photo Escape

We bought the fancy camera pre-London and we've used it a little bit but last Friday I decided I wanted to go on an urban photography shoot for an afternoon break from work. I've attached the inspiration/sanity wall I have at work (it explains why I felt the need to run screaming into the streets for a break!) and a picture of me on the photo hunt. I was inordinately proud of the artistic-ness of said photo. My friend Mark who was with me just rolled his eyes. It's not hard to keep humble. I'll work on getting the rest of the photos downloaded and up on flickr this weekend but now I'm off to bed early and Doctor Who dvds... I deserve it since my day started out with me braining myself with my messenger bag! Seriously, I have a knot and bruise. I defy anyone to call themselves a bigger klutz than I am!

Yeah, you think you have a worse self-inflicted injury? I haven't even started! I fell and bruised up my knee on a crack in the sidewalk while watching a bunny when I was walking between classes at college (yeah, my husband laughed until he cried, it wasn't pretty). It's still a story he loves to tell. Then, there was the time I was walking the dog and tried to jog across the street to avoid another dog and a baby carriage, yep, you guessed it. Wipe out in the middle of the street with me tangled in the leash. This involved a trip to the ER, one of those yucky walking boot things and physical therapy. They tried to teach me to walk on crutches but after falling down repeatedly, they just gave them to me since it was required and pushed me out in a wheelchair. Honestly, I have no idea what they were thinking! I guess my point here is that I'm lucky I got away from the messenger bag incident with only a headache, knot and bruise! If you think you can give me competition, I'd love to hear it. I'm starting to become concerned I REALLY am the only clumsy person on the planet.

Some fun news is that the Third Monday flea market is in McKinney this weekend and I'm going to hunt down the metal man I blogged about previously. A friend hooked me up with a great woman who wants me to make her windchimes from whatever I want. They gave me the perfect excuse to dig into metal pieces, sparkly things and whatever else I can find for hours! I'll be in heaven. This time, I'm taking my camera to document the excursion and and all of the metal glory.


Mary Lynn in Texas said...

I just found you! This is so cool! I love your blog.

vintagecollage said...

Amy, Great photo! Sorry, but I don't think I can top your stories....hope the head is better. You really should make a person laugh so hard just before bed! Debbie

Anonymous said...

And then there was the time at work when you threw your head back in laughter -- SMACK into a metal pole! I thought we were going to have to visit the ER then.... in fact, didn't you go later on that day?? :-) You aren't the only clumsy person on the planet, but you sure know how to retell your mishaps so the rest of us can have a great laugh!

abbymaya said...

Oh yes, that was also me. Even better I had to be driven to the ER in which my husband was working and explain what happened.

Driven by our extremely flamboyant admin who kept yelling for me not to go to sleep. It's kind of funny now. He may have even song Christmas carols to me. In spanish. I'm a little fuzzy on the details.