Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Busy Day, but not as busy as some people!

This is a photo of a desk of someone who is leaving at work. He's a good guy and a really good sport. He thought this was awesome - it kind of is, but he handled having to unwrap his pens and water bottle a lot better than I would have after 8 hours! Plus, sitting on aluminum foil all day, Yikes!

Now the other one is the opposite of busy, in fact, she couldn't be bothered to move when I put her blanket back down. Not to worry, this is the back up bed in case the two over sized paisley puppy beds next to my side of the bed get tiresome. It's rough, this life Abby leads. Filled with constant stress in worrying about whether to sleep on her beds, our bed, the two chairs or the couch. Oy, all that indecision can leave you exhausted.

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Maija said...

Oh, the wonders of a dog's life!