Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My Morning Challenge

It's not what to wear, but what can I wear to show of all my cool jewelry! The photo only shows a small portion of my selection to choose from and it gets even trickier with gorgeous pieces like the close-up photo. This one was made by my friend, the amazingly talented Cindy Dean. She makes awesome jewelry and I coveted this necklace and then won it in her blog contest. I definitely did the happy dance of joy for that one!

I can't take credit for the cool earring holder made from the frame. My Dad made on for my Mom so then Rolland had to make one to my specifications while I wasn't in the garage driving him crazy! It's always interesting in our house. :)


Earthtone Studios said...

Wonderful jewelry and beautiful necklace, way to go on winning that one. :) Do you have any pictures with you wearing it? Off to visit more of your blog.


Cindy Dean said...

Love it! LOL I hope you enjoy it!