Sunday, January 06, 2008

Edie & Ivan, a tragic love story

This is a page I created in my RR book that I'm participating in with my North Texas art group. Those ladies are awesome and know how to rock the RR! Anyway, this page tells the tragic story of Edie and Ivan who were engaged but Ivan was tragically killed in WWI before they were married. Of course it's all fictional but I saw these two photos and new there had to be a great story there.

The theme for my book is "Loss" so this page is all about lost love. I'm kind of excited with how it turned out and I got to use my new numbers stamps and letter stamps I got at Michaels today. 50% of all stamp sets, now I know I have nearly every stamp imaginable but I don't have too many letters or numbers so it was a sale I couldn't pass up. :)

Okay, I need to head to bed since there's no more vacation for me for a while and it's back to the mines!

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Kathy Maximo said...

That is just beautiful....