Thursday, January 10, 2008

Sign in page for RR

This is a page I made for the RR I'm in and very excited about seeing all the ladies this weekend. It's the page to the right of the sign in page - maybe I'll show you that later, it's not nearly as exciting.

I couldn't resist this image and went slightly background crazy with this one. I've really enjoyed playing with my paint and charcoal. I started out on this one with a pretty french blue but decided it was a little too pretty so I added some black, a tiny bit of white and some glazing liquid so it wasn't too thick and would let the words bleed through a little. Even then it was still too tidy and called out for some charcoal. I happily obliged with some scribbles and shadowing on the edge. Then I knew I wanted some text but couldn't stop there when I had the perfect opportunity to add my crazy cat lady photo (don't you love her?!) and then I could rest. Well, after I outlined the box with a thick charcoal line and sealed the page. After that, it was definitely rest.

1 comment:

Maija said...

Brilliant to use the charcoal on this piece. It really gives it an added dimension!