Sunday, January 13, 2008

Busy Weekend!

I had a terrific, but very busy weekend. Saturday was an art day starting with my meeting with the North Texas Mixed Media Group. These are some talented ladies! I'm doing a round robin with the group and the themes people came up with, and the work they've done so far, is awesome! I can't wait to get crackin' on my contribution to the books. My book is about loss and this is the cover. It was kind of a bear to get the colors right (maybe 8 layers of paint) and finally, only the charcoal pencil could help get the color and age I was after.

Part of the group fun was making these paper dolls and seeing which paper everyone drifted to and how they put they're doll together. I've attached a photo so you can see our "secret self-portraits". :) I think Livia said she got the idea from a new book she found called "Paper Whimsy" but I haven't checked it out yet, it sounds like it could be a new addition to the bookshelf.

After our meeting, some of the women and I went to lunch and art shopping. Seriously, I thought I could find inexpensive goodies. but I've got nothing on them! They went through the craft store with eagle eyes finding all the goodies in the $1 bin. It was something to see! These are some generous women, sharing not only their art brilliance but shopping tips too! If you get a chance visit Mary Lynn's blog (my soul sister in her love of all things girly) or check out the amazing Lisa who gives terrific art advice and the chance to find some more art goodies on her website. Saturday was a little bit of heaven for me, spending time with other artists and never once did they have to pretend interest in the discussion around altered books, the art world, etc. My husband's still in shock more people than just me care about any of it.

Today was an errand kind of day highlighted with my $10 jeans from Old Navy and football all afternoon. I have no idea when it happened but I've been converted into a fan. We also had some steak sandwiches I made based on a recipe I found here based on the recommendation of Weetabix's blog. She was right, those sandwiches are awesome and especially tasty with the addition of provolone cheese! Anyway, Ree rocks and if you ever wondered about life on a working cattle ranch, she tells you all about it!

It's Sunday, so I'm off to think about going to bed since Monday morning comes early in our house. Hope you had a good weekend and an even better Monday. Night guys!


Jeri Aaron said...

Hi Amy, I had the chance to have lunch with Mary Lynn and Livia on Friday prior to your Saturday N.Texas meeting - we had a fantastic, chatty afternoon! And yes, I love Mary Lynn's girly girl art!

Earthtone Studios said...

I really like the book cover. I stive to get a look like that often. I love how you used the charcoal pencil to give it an aged look.