Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I got to meet Edward Norton... and here's some art!

I work for an entertainment company in Dallas and we occasionally get some really great perks. One of which was Edward Norton came in yesterday promoting "Down in the Valley" we got to meet him and get an autograph. He signed a copy of the 25th hour for my husband and a movie poster for me... also, I had a picture taken with him! He was unbelievably gracious and really took a few minutes with everyone so I was thrilled. Luckily I didn't trip going up or down the stairs but I did look ever so slightly star struck in the photo. I'm hoping no one will notice since he's in the photo! Anyway, he was really lovely and it's a truly great perk.

Also... here are some more collage pendants I made. :)

Happy Wednesday guys!

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Anonymous said...

wow i wish i could meet him!!! he looks like he's an awesome guy!!!!