Sunday, August 06, 2006

Finished Projects & Best Husband. EVER.

So this is what my husband built for me out in the garage... see previous posts about soldering in the house. :) Regardless, it was 106 at a few points this afternoon and he spent all morning and most of the afternoon finishing this for me. He bought me a power strip that runs down the back so I can have lots of things plugged in at once! Also, he screwed down my dremel to the table top so the drill press isn't wobbling when I make holes. He's the best hubby ever.

I've already moved in and started unpacking as you can tell from the picture. He had thought we might share but he's got plans to build his own when it gets a little cooler.

I was able to finish my soldering projects, including the Bettie necklace, now that I've got such a fantastic work space! This gives me a ton more room inside to really go crazy.

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