Saturday, August 26, 2006

100th Post! Light house project

The 100th post is a good one as this has probably been my most ambitious project yet. I couldn't have gotten it done without my friend Kate who claims she acted as my "sous artist". I think she's selling herself short on that one! We managed to get this done in a few hours but this is definitely our sample piece now that we've worked the kinks out of it.

The collage images are of my Grandfather and his family. The blurry Samuel pic is my Great-Grandfather. The two couples is the same man with his brother and their wives (one of whom is my Great - Grandmother :) ). The pic of the "Mills Boys" is my grandpa and his brothers. The 57 image is my grandparents, my Uncle Sam (everyone should have one!) plus my Mom.

We really worked hard on this one so I'm really proud of it. Kate's dad made the beautiful stained poplar base with the light kit so it lights up and looks all glowy. Kate really went above and beyond on the friend's list!

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