Monday, August 21, 2006

Air Conditioning Update

We had to flee to a hotel for a couple of days but they got the air conditioner back up and running today. We picked up the puppies from the vet where they were boarding so they only had to spend 1 night... they stayed home the first night since we fled our house at 2am. I didn't feel too bad since they were both conked out when we left. It was just too hot on Sunday so we took them in while we went shopping and stayed at the hotel. Basically it was a nice mini-vacation.

We did camp out here all day though and it wasn't fixed until 4 so I took the opportunity to turn the garage into a sweat lodge and just soldered this afternoon. I got my stamps in from Stamp Diva and I wanted to play! I order some really fun stamps and here are the mini-charms I made. My collages just keep getting smaller and smaller!

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