Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The floors are in!

I'm very excited that the floor project has finished! We did have a few casualties... we had to buy a new bed. I'm really bummed because my Dad had made my bed when we got married, 11 years ago! It broke at the joins so happily it happened while sitting in the dining room and not when the puppies were sleeping under it!

Anyway, we bought a hold over bed from Ikea until we decide on the king size version of the bed we really want. Also, we need to start saving the pennies since we've done several home projects lately. My husband was going crazy while we were working on everything. I would run in the studio to play with my new stamps while he was cutting pieces in the garage. Somehow he always beat me back.

I must not have driven him too crazy since he bought me this. He really is the sweetest man ever!

1 comment:

Bo said...

A Firefly girl-power shirt? GEEK!

Oh, and your bedroom walls are the exact same color as mine!