Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Random Wednesday

It's been super relaxing so far in 2013 but we are making progress on the organization. Kitchen clean out and clean up is still going forward with only 2 cabinets left. Lower cabinets have all been Sophy proofed and we swapped out the heavy Le Creuset pots with the much lighter weight baking pans on our island so when she pulls on them down like she did the other day she isn't immediately at risk for a concussion. The loud crash did scare the hell out of her for about 5 minutes and then she was right back it. I may or may not have giggled a little and gotten a pretty dirty look from a disgruntled 10 month old. She is an adventurous little girl. Greatness. I hope she never loses it.

We also used up all the chicken stock in the freezer in 2012 so Rolland made some on New Year's Eve. Glamorous. We did have on our dress pajamas...not true. Totally regular pj's. But going into the New Year with a tasty batch of chicken stock does make me happier than a drunken revelry. Also, I don't drink so there you go. After the chicken stock we had some tasty chicken left over and I made enchiladas for our New Year's lunch. We usually have Central Market tamales but no one wanted to get all scrappy with the other shoppers to get them. CM for the New Year's tamale rush is madness. For reals. But, we had our tasty chicken enchiladas stuffed with black beans, chicken and cheese with Trader Joe's enchilada sauce and more cheese on top to keep the Mexican food tradition alive. There was also black eye pea salsa for luck. The tortilla soup not tasty and was a giant disappointment although I'm not a major fan of them anyway. The tortillas are from CM and super tasty. I'm hoarding butter tortillas in the freezer for an emergency, zombies or what not.

Besides improved home keeping, I do want 2013 to be a little more art filled. Rolland got me a much coveted flex shaft (pics in the future!) with the fancy pink limited edition shaft that will require some studio rework. It was already on the reorganize list anyway. I have big plans for some soldering projects, jewelry pieces and more frequent journaling. The journal pages are great since they're easy to do when Sophy's sleeping and I get a little creative outlet. This one was a super New Year's Eve quickie page but I love the colors and got in some drawing that I usually don't do. I really need to work on my lettering, I find it tricky and intimidating. I have no idea why but am adding it to the art goals for the list.

Tomorrow is back to the mines. I'm totally not ready but am already contemplating my outfit so there is that. This partial week of doing nothing has been awesome. With a plan for a more frugal 2013 I'm hoping to get more of them in. Happy Wednesday!

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