Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Inspiring Me Right Now

I'm jonesing to get some art going again but have been fending off illness, and by fending off I mean deep in throws of another one, in addition to trying to keep up the exercising, cooking at home and getting the house organized. I feel like we've finally gotten a pretty good routine going with dinner and bed time but am having some trouble working in art on a regular basis. I blame Bravo and my desire to lounge in my super comfy bathrobe.

Sophy was off yesterday for MLK day so Rolland and split the day for baby coverage. I had the morning shift and while she napped I made a necklace and got started on a couple more ideas. It was fantastic. I had thought I could keep my 4:30 am wake up time and alternate art/gym but I'm not sure how feasible that is. a) I've been pretty exhausted and b) I'd rather not have a forced stop if I get on a roll. But, I have no shortage of inspiration. Here are some of  projects that are calling my name.

Art Journaling - I've got a couple journals in progress and need to finish watching my vidoes on lettering but I still have not gotten in a good art journal fix. I really, really want to make my own journal and love the binding on the one below that Pam Garrison's posted on her blog.  Pam is the queen of journaling and I've taken a few classes with her. They are always fantastic.

Pam Garrison

Ok, maybe Pam is the queen in training to Teesha Moore. She's truly the journal goddess. I love her style while recognizing it really isn't mine. I still find her pages incredibly inspiring. I love her layouts and the lettering with the gorgeous color is such a fantastic combo. It's awesome. But, my mind isn't as surreal oriented as hers. Or anywhere near that creative. I'm jealous. But always love looking at what she's done and find myself reaching for a pen even if it's just to get in a quick doodle. I find this image especially appropriate since I'm 40 in a few weeks and the highlight of pink is always going to be a winner.

I can't remember which blog I found Inez Storer's work but immediately fell in love. I feel like it's got such a great stream of conscious flow that I'm dying to try. I've got a canvas that has been given a good coat of gesso and has a base coat of cerulean ... you now immediately need to go here and watch this. It's ok, I'll wait....

Love that movie.

Okay, now that I'm back and a little more focused. I think this is most likely next up. Maybe even combine the stream of conscious flow with some of my journaling to get in a two for one. After that I can immediately start worrying about where to keep the relatively large finished piece but I'm going to stay positive and call that a good problem to have.

I've always got the jewelry but and have seen a few pieces like the one below that incorporates some toys into the work. I have a couple of other examples but the pins go straight to images not the source or blogs directly so I can't credit them. Drives me crazy. Poor pinning people! Also, it makes stalking soooo much harder. What? Like you don't get obsessed and immediately need to know where to track down a tiny beat up toy taxi? ... right, just me.

This is another 2 for 1 since it's a charm bracelet but includes toys! I've been collecting old plastic charms. Yes, "collect" = "hoards" but that's not really the positive. True fact. I lost my shit one night when I lost my jar of these pieces and demanded Rolland find them immediately while I tried to not sob. I was very pregnant and a little crazy. The above might have happened normally but without the tears portion. Anyway, I think this one is super cute and could easily be done in a quick project. 

I just have to make do with giving up some of my stash. Normally I would just order up some replacements but I'm working on the hoarding and being more frugal.

Maybe if I mix in some more stones... :)

Anything else I should add to my obsession list?

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