Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Sophy Bear and I before we headed out this am. It was actually lovely, if a little precarious, with the snow and ice but it really felt like winter and I am a winter super fan. Love it. I would be happy to drive in it 70% of the time. I'm guessing this is unlikely in DFW unless the Mayans take some quick action. I also love any opportunity to snuggle this little cutie and put her in clothing with ears. Ears look good on anybody. True fact (totally stolen from my friend David, but I love it and am working it until it's no longer noticeable as not mine).

All of this is to point out how amazing this am was and I'm grateful. I have got to work on not letting "perfect be the enemy of the good". Wikipedia is mostly giving credit to Voltaire for this little nugget but I'm embracing it. I focus on perfection regularly to the detriment of a lovely trip, scene, meal, etc. I only see the things that went wrong or what was missing not what was fantastic and good. The road to happiness is not found by nitpicking. Also true fact. See what I did there. Eh, good right? Anyway, wikipedia also goes on to discuss how 20% of the effort gets you 80% return and the last 20% of the task takes 80% of the effort. For most things in life, 80% really is the goal. If the house is at 80% I get more snuggles, more baking time, more time snuggling with Rolland and so on. This is where I need to make some changes and really figure out what's worth driving myself crazy. Really, it can't be everything all the time. Madness that is. So, this rambling post, going up just like this so I can go watch more Bravo programming. Also the new Lost Girl. But what's worth the effort, getting my ass up at 4:30 tomorrow to go to the gym. 80% effort on that one! Happy Tuesday!

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