Friday, January 04, 2013

Getting My Creative Inspiration Going

I've been lamenting my lack of lettering and decided to see what I could find for some help. You can only longingly gaze at pretty pictures on Pinterest for so long. I found an e-workshop from Teresa McFayden. I've mentioned my love of e-courses, especially with Sophy Bear at home, now I can watch the videos and work on my journals at my own pace after someone goes to bed. Someone who seems to be sleep regressing and refusing to go to sleep at her normal bedtime. Ugh. Anyway, back to the wonders of the intranet.

It's incredibly reasonable and I am determined to get some good lettering going. Well, tolerable since it's driving me crazy in my art journals. Who knew you could have a typography crush?! Oy.

I also signed up for Blissdom - see the fancy badge over on the right - and am super excited but a little nervous with all of the networking, new people, etc. It's a  two day event held here in Dallas so it will be awesome to be with a group of creative minded people. I love, love, love art retreats and workshops but have been on a serious hiatus lately. This one is awesome in that I can come home every night!

As if that weren't enough creative goodness, I'm doing a creative pay it forward after signing up for a friend's posting. If you're interested, check it out via Facebook.  I've seen several friends who are doing it at the same time and I love the feeling of creativity that's floating through the New Year. If nothing else, this will be the year of glitter!

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