Sunday, September 16, 2012

Whew, it's hoppin'...

here at the House of Huff. I've started my photoshop class on Saturday mornings with my friend Randall plus 2 e-courses (blog badges on the right 'cause I'm too lazy to do the links tonight). It's exciting that it feels like I'm going back to school with everyone but I'm also getting a tiny bit overwhelmed. I felt like I was finally getting back into the blogging habit along with baby and the long list of existing hobbies then "BAM" homework!

I promise to be here more often, I like it and it helps to have a place to share and vent (as needed) so I don't want to lose it. There may be even more random postings than usual but I hope it will smooth out as I get into a routine.

So, I've ordered my supplies for the jewelry class and may have spent Sophy's college fund but did find a new favorite online source. Again, lazy on the linking so I'll post with pics when the goodies arrive.

Now, I'm planning to turn in early since next week will be super busy.

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