Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Order Up!

My husband bought this for me last week after I pointed it out to him in the Williams-Sonoma catalog. I explained it could change our lives and that it was exclusive. He was skeptical. But, because he loves me and knows I love a surprise. He purchased said griddle fairly convinced it would never be used.

In fact, it has changed my kitchen life. I love this griddle and will carry it with me in my backpack across the country if the zombie apocalypse does in fact come to fruition. Well, Sophy will carry it since I'll have her and Rolland will have everything else. Also, across the country because I don't want to be hot AND eaten by zombies so I'm taking the fam and heading northeast. I digress. With the new griddle I have made egg mcmuffins (we also bought the nifty egg rings - you should butter those by the way). Quesadillas that were tasty with left over crockpot beer chicken and salsa left over from our stash from the Mexican place in Missouri (yes, I live in Texas. Shut up.),and unbelievably tasty patty melts tonight. Tomorrow, fish tacos!

The griddle made me love the kitchen so much I made fresh strawberry jelly on the fly to prevent our strawberries from going bad. Recipe a la The Barefoot Contessa. Turned out nicely and now I'm debating french toast for Thursday night. Use up leftover fancy bread, use the griddle and the jelly! I may have a little bit of a problem.

Note: I was not in anyway paid or contacted by Williams-Sonoma to wax poetic about their griddle. Which is kind of a damn shame since I definitely need a fancy new knife to cut up stuff for my griddle.

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