Saturday, September 01, 2012


I've been going through some of my stuff and doing a serious clean out. The husband has been tasked with converting all of our DVDs into electronic versions so we can cut down on the 3 bookcases full of them. My books are also under serious review. Our house is incredible cluttered with several people referring to it as "Hogwarts like" and this doesn't always feel like good thing no matter how much I love those damn books.

Anyway, some of them are getting 2nd reads and some are becoming candidates for Kindle reading only. I've had one for years and just recently embraced it beyond it's travel purposes. There are some books that are always going to be purchased but I'm starting to see there are a few that are one time reads and not serious bookshelf keepers (I know about the library and love libraries except for my weird OCD about what people. did while reading. Ugh.).

Anyway, I've been re-reading the Berger and Mitry series by David Handler and loving them all over again. Highly recommend you give this mystery series a shot. More of the cozy variety rather than hard boiled detective novels. But fictional setting is daydream worthy and the unlikely couple charming.

Hope everyone is loving this three day weekend!

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