Friday, September 21, 2012

Mom's Night Out

Back in my non-resolution post I listed some things to focus on in 2012 and I'm not sure I actually wrote  "not be a hermit" but it was implied. I had recently added the Dallas Mom's Blog to my blog roll for tips on great things to do with the fam here in Big D, and am happy they've added some working moms to their contributors so I'll have some internet solidarity, and was very excited to see the recent post for the Mom's Night Out event. My friend Robin is going with me so I won't have to be totally petrified of meeting strangers. Strangers? Outing in the evening? Holy scaredy cat batman.

But, I'm super excited to have a grown up kind of event with other women who have a similar background with some shared experiences. I'm also psyched to check out drybar. Having regular professional blow outs is on my list of luxuries I would indulge in if money were raining down on us. That and a driver so I could read while running around town. Yeah so, I may have to spend the next couple of weeks dithering about the perfect outfit and toe nail color.

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