Thursday, September 06, 2012

I Love Myself a Workshop

I love, love, love art retreats and workshops. It's fun to escape and spend lots of time with similar minded ladies like Amy, Molly, Maija, Kecia, Pam, and Julie, who is one of the founders of the Art Nest retreats. Pam, Amy and Kecia teach some fantastic classes that I can not recommend enough. I was lucky to attend and meet those ladies in person and make art all day with them. It was fantastic to see new perspectives and new techniques. I've been able to attend an Art Nest Retreat, Art and Soul in Portland and here in Dallas plus some random day classes here and there. I love the total immersion and find it unbelievably inspiring plus it's a fantastic recharge for the creative soul. But it's another big commitment in a pretty packed schedule.

I have a full time job, a husband and now a super cute new baby. It's rough getting away for a few days, not that my husband isn't supportive because there is no one more supportive than my husband. Seriously, no one. But, I feel bad about leaving him with all the house stuff and the brand new baby. Plus, I don't want to leave the brand new baby! Who's not brand brand new but 6 months is still pretty damn new. Nordstrom's would still take her as a return if one were so inclined. I'm not since she's awesome. If you follow me on twitter or facebook you know this because I'm obnoxious with the baby picture posting. I'm digressing again. Sigh.

Anyway, it's rough to travel and spend the money on the get away with airfare, hotel and food, plus classes, plus supplies, etc. But, there's now this new fancy thing called the intranet. It's nice. I can attend classes from the privacy of my own house and wear footie pajamas. Not that I have them but I could and you wouldn't know because IT'S THE INTRANET. Fancy new fangled technology. Class can be attended post-baby going to bed and husband can run wild with his free time since wife and baby are now occupied and require nothing from him. Anyway, I took a class last year with Stephanie Lee but then I kind of forgot this was an option and now I'm a little obsessed. I've signed up for Flying Lessons with Kelly Rae Roberts who has become a bit of a mentor for me although she doesn't know it. Another great thing about the intranet. Harmless stalking. I just registered for The Alchemy of Objects with Deryn Mentock. It looks awesome and I want to support the use of the word "alchemy". I'm also taking a Photoshop class at a local community college but that's an in person thing so not really part of my rant here but it's still awesome and only 3 hours 1 day a week which is totally do-able.

So now I'm doubly excited about fall since it feels a little like I'm going back to school too. Now I'm in need of a Target run stat. School supplies!

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