Monday, September 10, 2012

Fall means change including costumes

I'm thinking of switching up my look a bit. Also, if I were on top of all the blogging I would've taken some pics of the outfits for show and tell. Maybe later this week. Anyway, I'm pretty preppy with some edgy jewelry thrown in. And by edgy I mean Stella and Dot or some homemade pieces with lots of layering. Side note: I dragged the husband into Forever 21 yesterday and found some great stuff for about $7 each vs the $60 plus some of the more upscale brands are looking for but I do love some of the animal designs and Lulu Frost pieces... digressing again.

Sooo, back on the original topic. I ordered this dress since I'm starting to work in a little Boho to the typical preppy ensembles I've usually got going on.

It looks super comfy and it has pockets. I love pockets. If it works out, I have my eye on this little number. Both of these will look awesome with the steampunk style boots from last year which were on a super discount sale and purchased by my fantastically sweet hubby as my "you had to have some seriously tough IVF crap but got pregnant and can't stop throwing up" present along with my new socks. Another sidenote: totally worth it because Sophy is awesome.

Perfect with fall arriving any minute. Seriously, any minute even it it's just me turning down the air conditioning.

Postscript to add no one asked me to pimp any product, I just really like these and wanted to share.

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