Friday, September 28, 2012

Have a Little Faith

Uhm, yeah, not so good with this. I'm fantastic at telling others. I even believe it when I tell others but not so much with the internalizing. I worry and worry and worry. I even worry about how much I tend to worry. Neurotic much?

I recently got some great advice. Treat myself as I would parent Sophy. Would I discourage her and constantly question her dreams? Nope. I would not. I also wouldn't let her eat brownies while playing with polymer clay while trying to write a blog post but there's no need to tell her about that.

I signed up for a few classes this fall and one of them is an e-business course specifically for creative businesses taught by Kelly Rae Roberts. It's about so much more than that but I'm tired and avoiding series digressing issues that could result. The skinny here is that I've been resisting catching up on the posts. Resisting doing the working. Willfully ignoring the messages that resonate with me. Fighting, fighting, fighting. It's exhausting and a little crazy making. I'm working so hard at avoiding it all because I don't want to try and fail. I don't want to never try and if I put it off there's always a really good reason to not start but I will. Someday. Well, it's here. Someday. I will do the work, I will try, I will be brave. 

Deep breath. Have faith. It will all work out exactly as it's meant to. 

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