Thursday, June 10, 2010


My friend Molly, who is an awesome paper and fabric artist, is doing her first blog giveaway and the giveaway is incredible. I'm seriously advocating checking it out immediately! Here's a handy link and everything.

I met Molly last year at Silver Bella and am still grateful for having met her. She promotes artists work and is the biggest champion we artists could ever have. Serious greatness.


Sandi said...

She has such nice blog. Thanks for promoting her and giving me something else pretty to read. :)

Katie said...

Hi Amy,

I couldn't agree more. Molly is so supportive and encouraging. I'm a book artist, and I'm currently working on a custom book for her to use for recording all of the things her daughter says as she grows up. It will be similar to these cherry blossom books:

Enjoy your weekend!

Molly Quigley Hughes said...

oh amy and sandi and guys make me feel all warm and fuzzy. thanks and i really do want to support those of us who endeavor to make handmade things!

klmckernan said...

I followed the link from Molly's blog, and I'm glad I did. You both are so inspiring.

abbymaya said...

Thanks Kathy!

katie o'brien said...

I am very impressed with all of you with such creativity! I love looking at all the artistry and reading all the fun stories!


pamelajbest said...

Yes - I adore Molly and love to "shop" with her. I'm breaking all records here.....two new blogs in one day. (having only one other blog I have ever read in my past)

You really have me pushing the" IT gnome" limits. worth the effort - totally!