Thursday, June 17, 2010

Heaven in Chocolate Sauce

That's right, profiteroles are tasty bites of heaven covered in chocolate sauce. These particular profiteroles are from the Bouchon cafe in the Time Warner Center in New York but they're fairly available if you keep a sharp eye out when browsing the dessert menu.

These are on my cooking to do list. I've got a tasty vanilla ice cream recipe and fudge sauce is super easy. The pate a choux recipe for the dough is fairly common in my cookbooks (I think I'm going with the Barefoot Contessa's) but I'm a little nervous with the pastry bag but this seems like an easy project to start.

My Mom used to make cream puffs with a similar dough recipe and then fill them with chocolate pudding. So yummy.

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Molly Quigley Hughes said...

Cooking, jewelry making, book reccomendations...just some of the reasons I heart your blog. Oh....I don't cook much, but anything Joby has made by the contessa is heads down the bomb.