Sunday, June 06, 2010

Lilac Necklace

I've been into doing a lot of assembly lately. Maybe because it already feels like a blast furnace outside and the idea of sitting in the garage with the soldering iron is extremely unappealing! I had a ton of pieces parts sitting around so it seemed like a great time to sit in the air conditioned studio re-watching Stargate (shut up, it's greatness!) and playing with wire and beads.

All pieces waiting to be assembled.

A few of the beads are shown where I've used the brass wire to start the chain. I decided to add some length and interest in the rosary style necklace by adding a link from a separate chain. It's a terrific way to stretch your supplies and add a bit of extra metal for interest. Also, I'm finding it helps the rosary style chains to lay flatter. The joining of the loops tend to get tangled when they don't have this extra link.

All put together with an additional chain added and the floral pendant looped onto the chain. I purposely added an extra inch to the second chain so it would lay a little below the beaded chain. It gives the look of layering, one of my favorite ways to wear necklaces, without having to actually wear multiple necklaces. I tend to have tangle issues with those. Not that this stops me but there you go.

A close up.


Anonymous said...

I love the thought that you put into this. Why you added the chain, etc. Very smart.

Maija said...

Those lavender beads are delightful!