Monday, June 21, 2010


95 was a big year for us. We moved to Texas and got married, although not in Texas. Rolland got a job at Parkland and we settled in to the Lone Star state for 15 years and counting now. Fairly large milestones for most folks. This year will be our 15th wedding anniversary and I think our big plans will include dinner and swimming in our new above ground pool (being put together in the backyard as I type!). Super exciting is how we roll around here!

Anyway, I had sorted a group of rose stone beads I got in Santa Fe. I was sorting by color and saw this enamel number in another pile and decided to make a little piece to commemorate such a big year. Yellow roses for Texas seemed appropriate. I especially like the annealed steel peeking through the clear beads making this otherwise feminine piece look kinda tough.

Happy Monday!

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Molly Quigley Hughes said...

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!