Thursday, April 24, 2008

Over It

My friend Tina had that posted as her status on Facebook (all the cool kids are on it!) and it cracked me up. Yesterday, I knew exactly what she meant! Seriously, it was a rough day that I think was just compounded by the air conditioning trauma (my husband's truck has to have a new one also!). I'm telling you, Texas is no place to be if you can't tolerate hell-like temperatures.

By evening, my day had improved significantly as I dropped my items off for Urban Bazaar. I'm not sure I've mentioned it before. :) I decided to provide a charm and the original collage the charm was made from so people got a sense of the whole process. Then Suzanne and I went to a work happy hour, which I never go to, mostly because I don't drink, but it was really nice. Chatting on the patio with everyone. Seeing everyone detoxing from their rough day as well. It started to rain about 7:15 so I hit the bricks for the 3 block walk back to my car, no big deal until it really started raining so I dug out my umbrella which ripped open the skin on my knuckle and I had blood running down my hand for the next 2 blocks. Yep, I was over it all right! I'm not sure if no one bothered me because a) it's really not that bad downtown b) it was raining and everyone just wanted in or c) I looked like the crazy person!

Today is going to be gorgeous and wonderful though. I have big soldering plans for after work (I have 6 pieces made for the show!) and I was surprised to see my TIVO recorded "Men in Trees" (shut up, it's awesome!) so tonight is going to rock. Plus, it's almost the weekend and that's always great!

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Bo said...

AND you get to hang out with ME tomorrow! Who wouldn't be excited about THAT?