Saturday, April 26, 2008


It has become very popular in the world of blogs to share what we're grateful for and spread the thankfulness. Now, I'm not particularly con this because that would be mean but I'm also not someone who tends to emote their feelings either. This brings me to my own particular post about being grateful. Here's why I'm grateful. I've found a spouse who, even though he hates it, is willing to work on art projects with me. Late at night. In his pjs. Seriously, this is love. He's filling the bottle caps with resin because he's concerned the toxins will have adverse reactions with my head and cause a migraine. He's probably right but I would've done it. Yet, here he is, fairly late at night, mixing highly toxic chemicals in the garage. All of this when I've been in charge of his lunches and turned them vegetarian with large quantities of broccoli.

Although he never reads this, it's out there for all of you to know. Public and everything. I really love my husband and more than that, I kind of like him too. Don't tell or there's no living with him.


Anonymous said...

Now that's love! You are lucky.

Hope all is well, I love keeping track of what you are up to.

Michele ( from ArtNest) :)

Maija said...

That my dear Amy, is love - and devotion! He will make a wonderful father as well!

Bethel of Bethania said...

Lovely Amy Lovely ... I would call this true love ... My sweetie does wonderful things to help me with art too even though he has no idea what or why I'm doing something in this particular order & is so surprised with what or how it turns out when my bits bring it all together ... ya just gotta love em eh? & shhhh the secret is safe with me so long as you don't be telling mine either ... egos can get so big ... ha ha OOroo ... Bethel