Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Birthday Girl

Yep, yesterday was my birthday and fun was definitely had by me! My husband got me a really lovely dragonfly bracelet made of peridot and aquamarine. I love it! Bracelets must have been in the air because my friend Jen got me this awesome stretch bracelets that are exactly my taste. And as if that wasn't enough, my sister-in-law sent my a gift card to Target so I got this and this . Clearly I've mentioned this once or twice because my friend Suzanne gave me this. My Mom-in-law sent a card with a little $ so I was unbelievably excited to get the new Harry Dresden. Yes, I'm a giant geek but I've learned to embrace it. My friend Mark also made sure to spread the word so I was shockingly greeted to lots of people wishing me a happy birthday, he also took me to lunch. Mark rocks!

My Mom asked me what I wanted for my b-day and for once I didn't play coy. I sent her the link to the steel bench blocks I've coveted for years and she came through. My sister got me these while she got me the dapping block that I hinted would make an awesome Christmas gift. It should arrive in the next day or so with pics to follow. Again, because I'm a giant geek.

As if that weren't enough, when my brother visited I got my b-day presents early (in addition to a box of Missouri specific goodies. We're still munching on the taco sauce. Yes, I know I live in Texas. Yes I know I said Missouri). And among other things, I got this incredible bag by blue Q. It's not allowed to leave the house because it might get dirty. I also got Marley and Me - I have to psyche myself up for it since I know it's going to be awesome and then sad... I just suspect, I'm not spoiling or anything here.

Okay that's enough about me but it was my birthday and this is my blog so I can show how incredibly lucky and spoiled I am all I want! You know I'll get my come uppance the next time I have to any way be coordinated and trip over my shoelaces and go sprawling in front of my building at 8 am as everyone is walking in. Not that this has happened, nope no way, I'm just saying is all.


Cindy Dean said...

Happy Birthday Amy! What a wonderful array of presents you received!

Kelly Snelling said...

hey YOU! i tried to email you happy birthday wishes. i saw it was your birthday while visiting facebook. but my email came back. darn email! so i was sending you happy thoughts (did you see the glittering sparkling ones?)!! i hope it was awesome!