Thursday, April 17, 2008

Marie Antoinette colors!

I made this fun little piece when I was watching "Marie Antoinette" and was really inspired with the blues and the pinks. I also used my new favorite white pen that Anahata raved about and was listed on her supply list. She's right. It's awesome!

Other than that it's been fairly quiet around here except for the major thunderstorms! Puppies had to go into full on scaredy mode. There was lots of jumping from parent to parent and shaking. Now, they're sprawled out in the floor and snoring away trying to re-gain some strength lost in the massive panic attacks!

Okay, blogger is refusing to post the photo and I'm tired of fighting with it and am going to bed. It's almost the weekend which means Fort Worth Art Show and I might be able to get to my soldering iron!


Maija said...

I love that pen!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful..I solder scrabble pieces too!