Thursday, April 10, 2008

Beauty behind glass

I worked on this piece over a couple of weeks but primarily last weekend. I intended it to be a Christmas piece but it was not meant to be. This box started out life as a box holding dominoes with a sturdy piece of glass that slid in the sides to hold the dominoes. Once I made good use of the dominoes, this box was next! I painted it with a red glaze, inside and out, then decided it needed something so I added the feet, painted white, from wooden pieces I got at Michael's. I also scalloped the sides with white glaze outlined in charcoal pencil. Next, I decided the inside needed polka dots then a white glaze was across the back. A gel transfer with antique text, shading with charcoal pencil and the back of the box was done. The image of the women is a vintage paper doll that I scanned and sized to fit. I mounted the image on foam and then trimmed it and glued it in. I think it adds a nice dimensional effect.

Now for the finishing touches. I had this gorgeous fabric flower from Art Nest that had been sitting on my desk calling to me so it was added to the inside bottom of the piece. Then it needed a little sparkle so some vintage turquoise flowers nestled into the fabric brought out the color in the paper doll. Rub on words in red and I was mostly pleased. I wanted to add something to the top so the little glass knob, scallops and more polka dots with some word bubbles down the side did the trick. Now if there was only a touch more sparkle I thought. Viola! A rhinestone bracelet cut to fit across the bottom finished it off and now I think she's all done!

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