Saturday, April 19, 2008

Main Street Art Festival

The festival today was amazing! There was some glorious work to be had so Jen and I did our best to make a dent. Sadly, our wallets and stamina ran out before our enthusiasm. We were still chipper as we dragged our bedraggled selves, and wonderful purchases, back to the car. This artist, was one of my favorites and I bought one of his prints "Faith", which is going to be front and center as inspiration in the new studio, and I was thrilled that he wrote a message and signed it. I really wanted 1 of everything but I resisted. He was really charming and spent a lot of time with people who had questions, customers and general traffic. There was a lot of it.

I also picked up another piece "Trick or Treat" from Debbie Little-Wilson. She's a Texas artist that I found in Fredricksburg and have loved for a long time. Her work always reminds me of Deb Trotter. It was awesome to actually meet Debbie and talk to her about her work. She was really sweet and seemed excited to be meeting customers.

I found some prints of photos that are of nose art that are going in Rolland's study so there was something to be found for everyone in the family. I do think the best thing about the experience, besides seeing all the gorgeous work, was having a chance to spend time with the artists and walking through all the different points of view and how that manifests itself in the work. I can't recommend it enough. I've got pics to share but I'm wiped out and planning to head for bed to rest up for my day of soldering tomorrow.

P.S. If you go, wear sunscreen. I did not partake of Jen's, and while my lotion with SPF held up, the bare area of my chest and cleavage (no, it's not funny! Yes, my tank top was pretty low cut) is more than a little pink. There's a charming (pun intended) white square where it did not burn because of the pendant I was wearing. Shut up, this could happen to you!

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Maija said...

Time to button up those boobs of yours!@
I love that guys work - Faith is fantastic!