Saturday, February 16, 2008

Valentine's Goodies

I participated in a Valentine's exchange hosted by the lovely Lelainia but it was an exchange with a twist. We sent some of our favorite things to our partner so we could get to know each other better and share what we love. It was an amazing idea and I had a blast putting all of my goodies together for my partner Linda. Linda does amazing things with fiber and fabric so it was wonderful to receive goodies from her! She also sent a bag of art goodies in a terrific palette of colors. There are blues, golds, yellows, cream - a wide spectrum of colors that I don't normally use but these are amazing and I can't wait to dig in! It was a lovely way to start the day.

From the hubby, I got the Dresden Files DVD, which is exactly what I wanted, and it's nice to have a husband who surprises you with something you love, even when he really doesn't! We're also going to dinner tonight, easier to get reservations and much less crowded, it's going to be a lovely weekend - I'm staying positive even if we woke to a hail storm and 35 degree weather!

Only a few more days until I head out for the Art Nest retreat! I can't wait to be surrounded by other artists who can love to talk about glue and paper all day - Rolland has big plans to that involve me not being home to veto his tv selections!

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