Saturday, February 09, 2008

Art Fun!

Today was our North Texas Art Group meeting and we met in Ft. Worth this time. I've only been to Ft. Worth a couple of times and it's a little over an hour drive for me but with GPS, I managed not to get lost! I call her my husband's girlfriend since he loves her that much, but I have to say she came in pretty handy today!  These pics are of my contributions to Livia's "Recycled Relatives" book and I had a blast making them. I'm thinking of doing an entire book with made up relatives - filled with the eccentric types that make the best relatives (and stories!).

On the way back home, I stopped to do a little shopping and couldn't resist stopping at Sprout's since I was sans husband. He hates that store in a way that's not quite right, and I picked up this clearly, packaging works! But, I love all things Burt's Bees so this will be a refreshing treat after washing my face at night.

Also, I couldn't resist this. It did not come from Sprout's. :)

Yep, art filled day all around!

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Dee said...

I LOVE that bag. And Burts Bees is love.

Man, we have so much in common sometimes it's almost creepy. I'm really glad you enjoyed yourself and your day love, you deserve it. :)