Tuesday, February 19, 2008


The lovely and talented Cindy Dean mentioned me as a blog that inspires her, and let me tell you how shocked I was to provide inspiration, but I'm also all atwitter. :) So, now I get to list those blogs that inspire me (she already mentioned Kelly Snelling or she would be on my list in a heartbeat!), anyway, here's my list:

Jane Wynn: She has such an incredible vision for her art that's truly inspiring.
Sally Jean: She has such a sense of whimsy and makes me feel ok about my love of pink!
Debbie Overton: She has to be one of the most generous people on the planet!
Bo: My pal Bo shares a love of food, and a relatively similar worldview, plus his photos are unbelievable and his eye for the perfect picture is enviable.
Kris Carr: She is truly an inspiration!
Maija Lepore: My soul sister in the love of all things girly! She's such a generous artist who never holds back on her sources, inspiration or good ideas!
Ree aka Pioneer Woman: Her perspective on the world is definitely unique and her photos are breathtaking!
Lelainia Lloyd: Another generous soul who truly loves to bring everyone together and share their creative spirit!
Clotilde Dusoulier aka Chocolate & Zucchini: In my house, there is no art without a little chocolate!
Anahata Katkin: Her work is gorgeous!

That's it, my list of inspiration for this morning. Now I have to go before Rolland explodes from waiting!


Dee said...

Oooh I love checking out new blogs. Thanks love! I hope you have a fantastic day.

vintagecollage said...

Amy, as usual I am behind...came to read the story you told us about over at MMCA and look what I found. You don't know how surprised and grateful I am to find I am one of your inspirations. Thank you for such a wonderful compliment. I always try to live by the Golden Rule....Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. Thank you my friend! Debbie

Kelly Snelling said...

awwww. that is so sweet! thank you, amy. and i didn't know cindy had said that. i'm so touched. and obviously i'm way, way behind on my blog reading!