Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Packing for the Art Nest

I'm very tired and still packing! Hopefully the plane ride will allow for a nap. At least I took care of these first before I became totally wiped out, these are trades for The Art Nest. I hope everyone likes them.

I tried to convince Rolland to act as stunt blogger but no go. So no updates while I'm in the wilds of Utah! I'll be back Sunday and should be back online. I'm really hoping my trip can sort of be a soul detox. No phones, no TV, no long commute. Just art, great company and snow... how can that not cleanse the soul?! Well, unless there's an unfortunate sledding accident but why dwell? You guys didn't read that clumsy post right? Seriously, I should be fine. I have snow boots from Colorado that I've already taken for a test run. :)

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