Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Tired and blah...

This has been a long couple of days with zero art happening. I've got tons of ideas but not enough time or energy. (I should warn you that this could be a slightly whiny post but I feel better having given you notice.)

The basic gist of it is that we get up at 5am and don't get home until 12/13 hours later. With dinner, dishes, etc it's pretty much late evening before I'm walking into the studio but we've both been feeling icky so mostly it's just being plopped down in front of the tv which drives me crazy because it takes up all my free evening time... but, I'm addicted to alot of shows so while TIVO helps me out, I've got a serious tv addict monkey on my back. I can't give up The Amazing Race or CSI/CSI:NY (I can't even begin to talk about my reality tv addictions - like Project Runway, Top Chef and Survivor) and the group at work has ganged up on me and forced me under their spell with their love of Heroes... seriously, it's a problem.

When not plopped down in front of the tv, I'm taking my fairly serious migraine medicine and curled up in a ball in bed asleep - or hoping for sleep. I see the doctor again tomorrow - 3rd dr's appt in 6 weeks each requiring blood to be drawn. My arms look like I've got a problem worse than a TIVO obsession; the lab techs and I are starting to be on a first name basis!

Also, we have yet to talk about the most crazy addiction of all - the book monkey. I have stacks and stacks of books waiting to be read. I've managed to squeak out extra reading time to and from work - I carpool with the hubby (so don't worry about me being a road hazard!) - at least an hour each way so that's some pretty good book time. But, I have to read before bed, otherwise I can't sleep, admittedly I sometimes lose track of time and realize it's midnight and I'm now in trouble 'cause of the 5am wake up call. ... Maybe I should be including that in my migraine journal!

OY! Where does it all end? My friend, Gwen, and I kid because for a while I was riding the train back and forth and kept talking about how I was a hamster running in the wheel but getting no where (seriously, the train is strictly North & South so there weren't even hills or curves to break up the ride!) but let's be clear - my route may be boring but my wheel is pink and sparkley!

Ok, I appreciate you guys listening to me rant. I'm sorry for wallowing in what is clearly, self-indulgent whining about too much TV and too many books - I'm starting to feel pretty seriously embarrassed given that there are actual problems in the world besides too many tv shows in their season pass manager. I'm going to bed and will try to wake up with a better attitude - at least the dr's appointment means I get to sleep until 7am! :)

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