Thursday, November 09, 2006

Happy Birthday Mom!

This is a piece that I made for my Mom for her b-day. It's a pic of my Dad with my Grandmother when he was only 4 years old. I had to send it in the mail to Missouri and was a little nervous about the shipping but it arrived safe and sound. :)

Happy Birthday MOM!

On the non-birthday front (but definitely applicable to the upcoming winter holidays), I bought a bunch of glass today at lunch and have big plans, I'll keep you posted on the progress! I do have to say that my local, well fairly local since there really is no such thing as local in Dallas, glass shop is fabulous. Every time I go in they are unbelievably helpful and much nicer than I have come to expect when making a retail purchase. Also, if you go back a few times they start to recognize you and throw in a couple of extra pieces of spare glass or "forget" to ring up the patina. It's fantastic service that I always find shockingly enjoyable so if you're in the Dallas area and in the market for stained glass supplies or want to see some gorgeous glass pieces then stop in here. I definitely advocate shopping the smaller local stores when you can... also, make nice with them and they will seriously take care of you!

Happy Thursday guys!

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