Sunday, November 12, 2006

Bluegrass in Missouri!

We've been unbelievably busy this weekend trying to play catch up on all the things we haven't been doing. We finally got all of the Halloween decorations down and have just moved on to a little bit of Christmas cheer. We decided not to go all out this year and just do a few things and 1 tree instead of the usual two with 15 baby trees all through out the house... we're giving someone else a chance to take on the winter wonderland challenge this year!

I do have some big art/jewelry plans so I'm hoping now that the house is finally straightened, cleaned, mopped, etc I can spend so significant time in the studio and workshop getting some Christmas presents done. I can't wait for Thanksgiving and time off to sleep in and goof off!

On a musical note, if you find yourself in the Springfield, Missouri area on Dec 15th, you should check out my brother's band Doc Brown's Odyssey . They're really good and bluegrass offers fun for the whole family! ;)

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