Monday, November 27, 2006

I love my des chiens!

... and my Google home page. We're in the process of switching internet providers since Comcast was purchased by Time Warner (and I've come to loathe Time Warner since they seem to have a serious issue with actually being able to keep internet connectivity) so I'm just making the jump over to gmail.
I set up my google home page with my horoscope - my husband warned me about the horoscope and that it was not a happy go lucky little horoscope but in fact was very "heavy" but sheesh! I've also a few other fun little items including: the date/time, the moon phases, word of the day, movie times, headlines, gmail, weather in my area (and London, England - just 'cause) and tips I should know. It's sort of like my own personally daily Farmer's Almanac... maybe that's just a Midwestern thing! :)

This is a fun little pendant I made using some optometrist's lenses I got from eBay. The middle is clear but the sides are frosted so the "chien" text was off center so it could be read in the clear part, turns out when I applied the diamond glaze the frosted glass edges disappeared so now I'm calling the off-center text artistic choice for added interest. The piece is to keep a little piece of my puppies close to me when I'm at work all day...

Speaking of which, tomorrow we have to take Maya (the Akita) back to the dermatologist because her allergies are back and out of control. We'd finally gotten her off the steroids and antibiotics and on the allergy shots but she's had a bad flare up. I'm hoping he can do something to help her. I feel like she's miserable but this might be worse on us than her but I hate to think she's miserable and can't tell us. I'll keep you posted.

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vintagecollage said...

Amy, this is the sweetest little pendant and I know you will enjoy wearing it. Debbie