Saturday, November 25, 2006

Art Days

I had a great time on Friday with my friend Kate and can't wait to see how the vase experiment turns out next week. Mostly, I practiced cutting glass which can be tricky given the different types of glass, variations by color, etc so I appreciated the practice with Kate around. I've also spent most of today working on a fairly substantial Christmas art gift, sorry no pics yet!

Thursday night we did manage to see The Queen. The theater was packed but it was worth it, my husband might not agree! We also managed to make it to the square but the crowds kept us from staying very long but I found a great pack of dominoes that I can't wait to put to good use.
My husband also took me on a spending spree at the book store since he got a $100 gift certificate for filling out a survey - he swears it took 2 minutes- he's got way more patience for that kind of thing than I do but I stocked up!

No big plans for our final day of holiday freedom - maybe we'll venture out to the grocery store, I think that's the most holiday shopping I'm willing to risk!

Happy Saturday guys!

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