Sunday, November 19, 2006

Sorry about the down time!

I've taken a little unexpected down time this week! It's been hectic but definitely improving. My doctor's appointment went well and I've got a new migraine medication that I take daily - Weds I double the dosage so I'm hoping it doesn't make me loopy. My husband assures me I have very little wiggle room in this area! The good news is that the new medication is working and I've only had to take the bad migraine medicine once so that's very exciting. There was no blood taken this visit either, although she mentioned that I should visit an allergist and there would be lab potential next month. I'm just excited that I think I might be able to eek out of November without needles so woo hoo!

I've been working on some art projects but since they're mostly gifts there's not a lot I can post in terms of photos. As soon as the holidays are over there will be lots of goodies to be seen. I'm also working on a few things just for me but they're a little time consuming but I'm very excited about the upcoming holidays to do nothing but eat turkey, play in the art room and watch movies.

On the movie front, we saw Casino Royale yesterday and it was fabulous!!! I've been a Daniel Craig fan for a long time and Layer Cake is quickly becoming one of my husband's favorite movies and Casino Royale offered a little something for both of us since we're huge James Bond fans. Definitely a must see for Bond fans.

Since I don't have any new photos of art, I thought I would pull out another Europe photo. I went with one from London of Harrod's in honor of James Bond and the beginning of the shopping frenzy - it seemed appropriate.

It's been a year since our trip and I'm starting to seriously bug the hubby about our next adventure. So far we're in talks about the Czech Republic, the Christmas Markets as a group Tour and Italy. I'm taking votes and comments. :)

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