Friday, October 05, 2012

Shiny Preciouses...

Some of the goodies I've gathered for my class. Some I had but a fair amount have been acquired via Etsy and a local bead show. I'm unbelievably excited about Beadfest at the end of the month and am saving my pennies!
These are fur clips I got in Omaha when I was there for Silver Bella. I cleaned out their stash and have used several in other pieces. I have a couple more that didn't make the cut for pictures apparently.
Lots of sparkly goodness. Also, little desk space to make more pretties so cleaning this up will be added to the weekend to do list. I was also obsessed with the bone pieces and Rolland scooped them all up for me. He also found them in the case. Seriously, give that man a list of "be on the look out for" items and he can find anything!


Metal flowers I've been collecting since Deryn showed us how they could be awesome which was timely since I think something similar will be great for a design I'm working on for a friend.

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