Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Beadshow Update

These are my goodies from last weekend's bead show. It's also impressive that I'm posting this now, Wednesday, and not this weekend. I'm calling it significant progress. The show was incredibly disappointing with tiny vendor turn out. I think it's worth driving to Santa Fe for the much larger show and it's in Santa Fe which I'm determined to like if it kills me. It should be somewhere I love with all the arty goodness but the last trip was a nightmare. To be fair, it was in full on IVF stuff and no one was in the mood.

Anyhoo...really not comfortable with that phrase but also trying to embrace it. It's not going to stick, I can tell. Ok, for reals... better? Rolland found all the super cool beads from a specific vendor. He's awesome with the hunting and gathering even if he detests the outing. I"m hoping Sophy will acquire this skill as well. TWO of them hunting for treasures would be heaven.

I've got plans for these babies and am trying to overcome my hoarding tendencies which makes me buy like 10 of everything so I can use one without breaking into a sweat that I've lost some of my stash. I know, crazy. It's also why Sophy has had multiple purchases of the super awesome cute outfits in varying sizes... is there a support group for this?

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